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Planning Application 23.09.2016

65 Station Road, Wootton Bridge

Demolition of greenhouses and outbuildings; proposed detached chalet bungalow; proposed parking/turning areas; reduction in height of front boundary wall

Ref P/01228/16  TCP/32808

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Wootton Bridge Primary School Newsletter – 23rd September 2016

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Planning Applications – 16.09.2016

P/01149/16 A/32788

91 High Street, Wootton Bridge

Proposed formation of vehicular access

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Planning Application 09.09.2016

P/01103/16 TCP/26890/E

Ash Farm, Lower Woodside Road, Wootton Bridge

Change of use of land to a specialist mobile home holiday park.

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Wootton Bridge Primary School Newsletter – 16th September 2016

Wootton Bridge Primary School Newsletter – 9th September 2016

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Planning Application 26.08.2016

10 Glendale Close, Wootton Bridge

Proposed single storey rear extension to form additional living accommodation

Ref P/01091/16    TCP/32780

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