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Christmas Festival

A NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY  – This year’s Christmas Festival will be held on Friday 11th December. As in previous year’s there will be a Roving Nativity, Carols, also Stalls and refreshments at the Community Centre.  More details to follow!!

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Friends of St Edmund’s Latest

St. Edmund’s looked most unlike itself recently as the interior was covered in plastic sheeting and full of scaffolding. The scheduled wood treatment was delayed from earlier in the year until we could be sure the bats would not be at risk. Timbers must be regularly treated to protect them against nasties such as Death Watch beetle, and woodworm. Death Watch was actually found in the church back in the 1950s. We have seen sgns of woodwrm as well.

On Sunday 14th November, once the 6pm Evensong service was over the congregation set to moving all the furniture out and storing it in the side chapel. The next day workers from Hilbans arrived to swathe the interior in protective sheeting and following that the scaffolding was set up. The roof timbers were sprayed and a few days later, once the fumes had cleared and it was safe to go inside again, the congregation went into reverse, and after a good cleaning session put all the furniture back.

We are very fortunate in that our members and supporters have helped to make yet another very necessary project possible.

At a recent inspection of St. Edmund’s a number of recommendations for future work were made. Watch this space and thank you for your support

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Lancet Window Project

The Lancet Window Project

The two recently restored lancet windows are part of a set of 4 installed as a memorial to Mrs. Louise Florence Makant of Wootton Lodge. In June 1890 Mrs. Makant died aged only 21, possibly in childbirth. Her husband sold Wootton Lodge and moved to Ryde. In 1894 he donated to the Parish of Wootton a set of 4 stained glass windows, depicting the four evangelists in memory of his late wife. These were installed in the chancel of St Edmund’s Church.

The window openings are 13th century lancets, a pair each on the North and South walls. The manufacturers were Cakebread, Robey and Co of  Stoke Newington.  They are now known as Cakebread’s.

The entry for Wootton in the original order book records simply:-

St Edmund’s Church, Wootton, Isle of Wight, Four Single-Light Windows, Chancel, the Four Evangelists

St Luke


St John

St John (detail)

In 2006 stained glass specialists Southern Lights recommended that the glass in the two windows on the North wall windows should be repaired before the apparent damage became worse.

The first window was restored and reinstalled in 2008, the second in 2009.

Grateful thanks to our members and supporters for making this possible.

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St Edmund’s Church Trust


The St. Edmund’s Church Building Trust, Founded 1996

Charity no 1063891

TRUSTEES- Mr. David Poore, Mr. David Simmonds


St. Edmund’s Church, Church Road, Wootton was built in 1087 AD as a private chapel for the nearby manor and so has been a place of worship and a major feature of the community for over 900 years.

Due to changes within the Church of England there was in the mid 1990s, a possibility that some churches would have to close. Wootton, having two buildings serving the same Parish was vulnerable.

St. Edmunds Church building could not be expanded, so that the sister church of St. Mark’s would become the main worship centre, and St. Edmund’s would be made redundant.

In response the St. Edmund’s Church Building Trust was founded.



The St. Edmund’s Church Building Trust is a registered charity.

The objects of the Trust as stated in the Constitution are:-

“To maintain, repair, restore, preserve, improve, beautify and reconstruct for the benefit of the public, the fabric of the Church of St Edmund’s, its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments and other chattels, and its churchyard.”

The Trust was launched at our first Annual Open Weekend, August Bank Holiday 1996.

Any member is welcome at our Annual General Meeting, which takes place at St. Edmund’s Church in early summer. See forthcoming events.



The Friends are the fundraising arm of the Trust. The Management Committee sees to the day-to-day running and administration.


Any member of the public is eligible to join the Friends. You should be over 18.

The basic subscription is a minimum of only £5 a year. Members will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping maintain this spiritual and historical treasure.



Simply print out the enrolment form and send it to the address given along with your subscription.

Or if you prefer contact the Secretary on 01983 883126, Or E mail –



Did you know? If you are a UK taxpayer and Gift Aid your subscription/ donation it will increase its value by around another third, at no extra cost to you, since we will be able to claim back tax. Please request further details.



Most of our income is raised via membership subscriptions and donations, both from members and from the wider community.

In addition we hold various events. We also sell souvenir items, histories, cross-stitch patterns, postcards, greetings cards etc.



Summary of projects we have helped to fund:-

Replastering and renovation of the interior. Since St. Edmund’s is a listed building we were required to use specified materials and methods.

Repairs to the path to the main door.

Restoration of the bell, which was in poor condition and could not be rung.

Repairs to the churchyard wall.

Fitting a CCTV system and purpose designed security window grills.

Restoration and repair of two lancet windows in the chancel (part of a set of 4 installed in 1894). The work was carried out by Southern Lights, a local firm. The project was completed to a very high standard in December 2009. The next project is under consideration.


None of these projects would have been possible without the help of the Friends and supporters among the wider community. We, the Friends always bear in mind that we are simply the temporary custodians of this lovely spiritual and historical treasure. It is in regular use for worship and services including the increasingly popular mid week communion. In addition various kinds of events open to all take place here. It is up to us, the present generation to see that it is preserved for the future.


St. Edmund’s receives visitors from all over the world. All are welcomed.

Some of the comments in our Visitor’s Book

  • A beautiful place, full of God’s peace.
  • Welcoming – peaceful, serene.
  • Obviously much loved.
  • Thank you for leaving this beautiful church open.
  • This church makes you feel all is right with the world.
  • From a child- I enjoyed myself. “I drawed” the stained glass.
  • Or most simply “Wow”.

Why not pay us a visit and see for yourself?



For any queries please contact the Secretary on 01983 883126

Or E mail –

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